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HoofMax News, and the Case for Surfactants

Surfactant Dairy HoovesBy Dale Baker
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Expert

Surfactants — or “surface active agents” – are cleaning agents that lower the surface tension between non-dissolving liquids, or between liquids and solids. Surfactant compounds live on the edge, so to speak: they’re attracted to the boundary between substances, which makes them uniquely effective at penetrating, emulsifying and dispersing contaminants. Surfactants are what make products like soap, detergent and sanitizers work so well. And surfactants are the key ingredient in any footbath protocol.

AgroChem, Inc. has just improved HoofMax®, adding an advanced surfactant that helps to prepare the surface of the hoof so that copper ions can penetrate and adhere to the horn. This latest innovation makes more copper available to kill pathogens and help harden hooves. AgroChem has also added a new, dark-blue dye to make it easier to identify the product in the container and footbath. Early field reports are already saying that new HoofMax cleans better than the original.

If you’re a HoofMax customer, let us know what you think of the new formulation!