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Strategies for reducing copper use in dairy footbaths

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

Strategies for reducing copper sulfate in dairy footbathsCopper sulfate is an effective treatment and preventative for digital dermatitis when used in a footbath. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive, problematic to dispose of, and potentially toxic. The Winter 2016 issue of the Country Folks Cattle Production Guide details strategies for reducing copper use in footbaths, including:

  • Good hygiene practices to keep hooves dry and reduce potential cross-contamination
  • Footbathing intervals based on current leg hygiene and production stage
  • The use of additives (such as HoofMax or DuraHoof) to increase the potency of copper sulfate and reduce the amount needed for comparable results
  • The use of biodegradable footbath solutions (such as HealMax) to achieve results without copper sulfate or formaldehyde

You can read the entire article here.

AgroChem has relocated!

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

agrochem new production centerAgroChem, Inc. has relocated to a new production center to meet the growing demand for effective, safe chemical products for dairy producers worldwide.

“We know dairy producers are increasingly aware of the importance of health and hygiene in the production of quality milk,” said AgroChem’s President, Rob DeMarco. “With this new center, AgroChem is now one of the only companies focused specifically on the innovation and production of dairy health and hygiene chemicals.”

The new 38,000-square-foot production center features expanded manufacturing facilities, state-of-the art laboratories, a bulk tank farm, and an optimized floor plan. The efficient layout has reduced forklift hours, and the extensive process piping and controls have minimized handling of chemicals. Collectively, all the changes have improved efficiencies throughout the operation, leading to shorter lead times and increased output for AgroChem customers in North America, Europe and Asia.

AgroChem is a leading supplier of various dairy chemical products including hoof care products, teat dips, milk house cleaning chemicals and hay and feed preservatives.

Treating Hoof Care for Cows Like Teat Care

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

(Adapted from a recent article in Hoard’s Dairyman Intel)

dairy cow hoof healthMastitis and lameness are two common problems for dairy cows – and their owners! Both cost producers time, production and money. However, both diseases can be viewed as similar in ways of prevention.

Early detection is the first step in preventing both mastitis and lameness. Prevention of lameness can be as simple as having a herdsman walking through the barns to check for lame cows, or giving hooves a once-over when cows are in the milking parlor.

Approach lameness detection with the same dedication you would in preventing mastitis.  Keep hooves dry, clean and cool to minimize the growth of bacteria that can cause diseases such as digital dermatitis (hairy heel wart). Wet, dirty and hot conditions are perfect opportunities for promoting bacterial growth.

Footbaths are another preventative tool. The more a cow’s hooves are exposed to footbath solutions, the more effective prevention will be. Just like teat dips on udders, footbath chemicals or solutions on hooves can help prevent costly problems down the road.

Footbath concentrates like HealMax and HoofMax from AgroChem are designed to obtain results and promote hoof health for reduced risk of disease and lameness. HealMax remains effective in higher temperatures and won’t flash-off like formaldehyde. HoofMax optimizes footbaths based on copper or zinc sulfate to achieve good control with less heavy metals and expense.

Talk to your veterinarian or hoof trimmer today about a hoof care protocol on your dairy.

Empire Farm Days Are Just Around the Corner!

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

Empire Farm DaysEmpire Farm Days is just around the corner! The show takes place August 9-11 in Seneca Falls, NY. Be sure to stop by Lot #473B to visit with AgroChem. Learn more about our advanced chemical solutions for hoof care, udder care and equipment sanitation!

digital dermatitis in beef cattle

Researchers say Digital Dermatitis is Increasing on Beef Cattle Feedlots

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

Researchers at Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine recently said the incidence of digital dermatitis is increasing on beef feedlots, according to an article in Iowa Farmer Today.

Dr. Paul Plummer, an assistant professor of veterinary diagnostic and production animal medicine at Iowa State, and a team of researchers have been awarded a three-year, $500,000 grant from the USDA to study the disease on feedlots.

Digital dermatitis, also called hairy heel wart, is a bacterial disease that causes painful, wart-like lesions between the bulbs of the heels. If left untreated, it can lead to lameness, reduced fertility and reduced performance in both beef and dairy cattle.

Dr. Plummer said it’s unclear exactly why digital dermatitis is increasing on beef cattle feedlots, but believes environmental contamination and management may play a role.

“Dairy farmers have learned to manage the disease and minimize lameness,” Plummer said. “But feedlots aren’t equipped in the same way to do that. Controlling the disease is a lot more difficult on the feedlots.”

Options for managing digital dermatitis on feedlots include topical salves, antibiotics and footbaths. HealMax is a biodegradable product, popular with dairy producers, which achieves results without formaldehyde or heavy metals. It is available as a spray, foam and footbath concentrate. HoofMax is a chemical additive designed to optimize footbaths based on copper or zinc sulfate, to keep copper working even in the presence of organic material.

Both products are available through AgroChem or your veterinarian. Visit for more information.

Check out the new AgroChem website!

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

dairy hoof health, agrochem websiteAgroChem’s new website showcases all of its advanced chemical solutions for dairy producers! The website features sections on AgroChem’s hoof care products, udder care solutions and milk house chemicals. Dairy producers can also find information on AgroChem products made for automated milking systems.

Check it out today at!

Going to World Ag Expo? So are we!

By Dale Baker and Chip Hendrickson
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Experts

World Ag Expo, dairy cow hoof healthIf you’re going to World Ag Expo next week in Tulare, California, please stop by the AgroChem Booth #6900 in the Farm Credit Dairy Center. Check out all that’s new in hoof health, dairy hygiene, equipment sanitation and all the advanced chemical solutions from AgroChem!