Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Digital Dermatitis In Dairy Cattle

Digital Dermatitis in Dairy Cattle, dairy hoof healthBy Dale Baker
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Expert

Dairy producers in North America aren’t the only ones struggling with digital dermatitis (hairy heel wart). The infectious cause of lameness is a growing problem for European dairy farmers as well. Veterinary Times, a leading weekly news journal for veterinarians in the UK, recently published a comprehensive article on the causes and stages of digital dermatitis, as well as prevention and treatment strategies. It’s helpful reading for dairy producers on both sides of the Atlantic. Check it out here.

Here in North America, HealMax by AgroChem provide an economic means of managing digital dermatitis without heavy metals, harsh acids or formaldehyde. They also remain effective in hot weather, an added bonus at this time of year. For more information on managing digital dermatitis in your operation, contact your veterinarian or hoof trimmer today.

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