Digital Dermatitis in Canada

Digital Dermatitis in Canada, dairy hoof healthBy Dale Baker
AgroChem Hoof Care Technical Expert

Digital dermatitis (hairy heel wart) is now an emerging cause of lameness in dairy operations and feedyards throughout Canada. In an examination of hoof trimming records, DD was the leading cause of claw lesions among dairies in three Canadian provinces, accounting for 40% of all lesions recorded.
The rising prevalence of DD in Canada, and the unique properties of HealMax, were factors in securing a patent for the product in that country, according to Rob DeMarco, Director of AgroChem, Inc. HealMax offers Canadian producers a way to control hoof problems effectively without the health or safety risks of formaldehyde, or the environmental risks of copper. The approval of a patent for HealMax in Canada follows on the heels of a similar approval in New Zealand.

You can read more about the new HealMax patent in Canada on

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Photo credit:
“Cows on a farm – by Eric Dufresne” by Eric Dufresne from Trois-Rivières, Canada – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

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